Medical CRM Solution

Increase your ABILITY

Medical CRM Tools for the Modern Office

Our team leveraged medical professional expertise and in-depth user discover, to create a Medical CRM Solution that converts archaic processes into intuitive modern workflows and reports.

This is just the beginning…

We’ve leveraged decades of experience in medical office management and CRM development to create a modern digital platform to better-enable healthcare companies. There are loads of EHR platforms for managing your patients’ care, but this solution is for managing your patients before they are your patients.

An Unapologetic Update to Archaic Processes

Your healthcare systems don’t have to be stuck in 1999. Our HIPAA-compliant platform features a no-code, easy to build and modern feeling approach to medical customer management. Our mobile-friendly application converts once bureaucratic and inefficient workflows into easy, reportable, and auditable digital processes.

Digitize Your Whole Process in a Single Tool

All leads, regardless of origin, are centralized and sanitized before moving to the Intake board where our onboarding team guides patients through a customizable process including initial contact, evaluation, and insurance authorization. Live reporting boards enable tracking of patient metrics such as lead numbers and conversion rates, as well as process metrics to identify bottlenecks in onboarding. Financial boards are utilized for ongoing care to oversee copays, billing, and financial review of the practice.

Simplicity for Users without Sacrificing Capability

Our approach to CRM is rigorously tested and designed to account for the wide range of technical proficiency in medical office settings. Whether you’re busy with patients, or just not a computer person, we designed the CRM to be intuitive: buttons do what you expect, navigation shows you where you are, and we don’t constantly change the way it works. We hide the complexity, but leave it accessible for those who need it.

A Better Way to Run Your Office

An easy solution for managing patients, before they’re your patients.

This mobile-friendly, user-friendly platform was developed with contemporary user design and navigation expectations in mind, to decrease onboarding time and increase adoption within your team.

Watch a Quick Demonstration

Follow along as we describe the basic functions and features of our solution. These become incredibly more powerful once customized to your team and processes. Reach out to see more!