Medical Office Solution

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Our team leveraged medical professional expertise, in-depth user discover, and our certified experts to create a medical office solution that is fast, flexible, and affordable.

This is just the beginning…

Our proprietary solution empowers medical offices with templates that improve processes quickly, but can grow and customize as you need over time. Our team has workflows and boards for everything from referrals, to in-processing, fabrication, invoices, follow-ups and much more.  Here’s a highlight of our most popular features:

Patients and Prescriptions

These boards represent the beating heart of healthcare. The Patients/Demographics board has the demographic, contact, and insurance information for each patient. Collection of this information is usually necessary before beginning care, so to expedite this collection there is a shareable, fillable form that can be emailed to patients prior to coming into the office.

Appointments, Calendars, & Documentation

Scheduling is one of the most crucial parts of providing patient care, so a visual, filterable calendar has been created and linked to the appointments board. When a patient needs an appointment, you can filter the calendar to see available times by practitioner or office location. Link the appointment to the patient’s existing prescription (or create a prescription if it is a new patient), and they’re all set.

Billing and Invoicing

The billing board helps you track all cases–breaking down the payment into the insurance and patient portion and tracking each. when full payment is received, the case can move forward to delivery and provision of the care to the patient.

A Better Way to Run Your Office

Discover why medical office are switching to our solution

Driven by cost, teams across the country have been looking for a cleaner way to manage their medical offices. We worked with medical p[rofessionals to build a lightweight, easy to use toolkit that works out-of-the-box but can also be customized by anyone. 

Watch a Walk-Through Demonstration

Follow along as we describe the basic functions and features of our solution. These become incredibly more powerful once customized to your team and processes.