Mirroring and Multi-Board Mirroring on monday.com

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Mirroring and Multi-Board Mirroring on monday.com

Having a single source of truth in your workflow is paramount to being efficient and accurate. But there may be situations where we need to see that information in multiple boards. Rather than having to enter it twice (cringe!) or set up a cross board automation (inefficient) Monday.com has the “Mirror” column. A mirror column (added via a ‘connect boards’ column) is a portal into another board. The column and cells will display the same information on both of the connected boards—change the data in one board and it’s instantly updated in the other board—no automations or ‘forgot to update both boards’ here!

Ready to up your game and bring a new level of visibility to your higher-level boards? The Multi-board mirror column. Added the same way as a mirror column from a “connect multiple boards” column, now you can select multiple boards and have information from a group of boards all pulled into the same place. This is a super powerful tool for high level and overview boards. After connecting your boards you can select which columns in those boards you want to see.

Whether using the “mirror” or “multi-board mirror” feature, mirror-type columns give the ability to both see and edit information on multiple boards in real time. You wind up with both a filtered and potently relevant overview of the information you need to see, AND one-click access to the other boards if you need to investigate something a little more closely. Building a workflow with a single source of truth is undeniably best practice, and mirror columns let you see and edit that single-ful source-iness from whatever board you’re in.