Single Source of Truth

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Single Source of Truth

The importance of having a single source of truth

Single source of truth (SSOT) is a data management philosophy based on the understanding that data should drive business decisions, and that access to all data across all departments will better inform better decisions.  A business that doesn’t analyze data about its operations is essentially flying blind.  A business that analyzes departments’ data separately is at best flying with one instrument at a time.

The SSOT paradigm dictates that all data should be kept in one location so that it can be sliced, diced, distributed, and analyzed as one. Rather than having, for instance, user data, siloed separately in marketing, CRM, sales, and user reports, centralizing all user data allows for a fuller and more clear picture of user and use data. Separately, they are data points. Together, they are a trend and a story to guide fully informed decisions.

When all departments have access to this combined data, not only will better executive decisions be made, but each team and employee can see how their actions affect and are in line with the whole. This alignment of purpose breeds accountability and job satisfaction.

Using to control and share your single source of truth

With’s dozens of existing integration offerings and the custom integration/development capabilities from Ability Ops, you can use monday as your single source of truth while still employing whatever programs your unique workflow requires. Rather than forcing 5 programs to all speak to each other, you can integrate each with only monday. Then you can use monday dashboards to dissect that data and present it in a digestible form curated for any audience. Want a monthly report for execs? Dashboard. Want a daily report for teams and employees about trends, KPIs, and progress towards goals? Dashboard.

When departmental data is only aggregated and integrated with other departments’ data in monthly or quarterly reports, your business decisions are necessarily a month or quarter behind. Pouring all of your data into monday, thus creating a single source of truth, enables real-time reporting and better-informed business decisions.

Have Ability Ops clean up and optimize your single source of truth

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