Contextual Communication is Key

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Contextual Communication is Key

Arrive. Say good mornings. 20 unread emails. Click. Read. Tell yourself the comforting lie that you’ll remember to come back to it later. More emails arrive. Forget.

According to a massive study by McKinsey, the average worker spends 28% of their work week fielding emails and are, on average, distracted from work by an email every 10 minutes. This leads to, inevitably, some of those emails and tasks falling through the cracks. Add the struggle that communication within an organization is almost never solely email: Slack, Teams, Skype, etc., and it all becomes a lot to manage when trying to stay on track and meet important deadlines.

Choosing the right communication channel for a given task is imperative to operating your business efficiently.  With, one software integrates all of your communication pathways to serve as a communication hub, track tasks, and notify you of looming deadlines no matter which channel the task arrived through. When each of those emails, IMs, and Slacks can become a task in a board, you can open the relevant communication when you’re ready to focus on that task sans interruption. You don’t need to look for the right email, the right email will come to you (…in the item).

One Of My Favorite Monday Features

Monday’s streamlined, intuitive, contextual communication makes keeping everyone connected and appraised a breeze. With a desktop, browser, and mobile app you can stay up to date wherever you are, and the conversation bubble within each item keeps confusion to a minimum. Everyone who needs to know is in the know when you add them in the “person” column. Pair that with a status column and due date automations to make sure nothing falls through a crack ever again. No more “on project x” openers to emails or spending 2 sentences giving the recipients background. No more “I’ll remember,” and no more post-it paper mâché on your monitor.

You can also automate notifications, emails, and other messages. Automatically notify yourself when a deadline is approaching. Automatically notify the team lead when a file is uploaded and ready for review. You can customize your communication settings to forward any new tasks, messages, or notifications to your email or text, or just keep it all within the monday chat bubble and start skipping email entirely. Working on a document with your team? Rather than emailing “version 1.2.2-TM Edit- Changed again” use a live, collaborative monday WorkDoc. The doc lives in an item in the board, no need to email 9 copies and have 3 people forget to Re:All with their changes.  

Lastly, item-contained communication helps keep information clear when you, or someone else, needs to reference it. For example, if you are going on vacation and a coworker may need to manage a certain task, they’ll be able to see all the past communication and activity related to that item. This way they can keep moving the task forward instead of spending hours playing catch up.

Communication Integrations

There is no chat feature within monday currently, but there are available integrations for Slack, MS Teams, and other common apps. Leveraging these integrations can turn a hectic 4-app communication quagmire into an organized, 1-task monday item acting as a hub for ongoing, contextual communication. If monday does not already have the integration that you need, the Ability Ops team can build you a custom integration. If this is something you’re interested in, or for help streamlining communication, please reach out to