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Increase your ABILITY

Getting Started with A Step-By-Step Guide for New Users

Just joined and not sure how to begin? No worries! The following is a step-by-step guide for beginners like yourself to kick-start your journey with the software. Step 1: Organization Set-UpSign in to your account, proceed to the main dashboard where you’ll be prompted to input basic company information such as organization name, team…
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A Tool for Evaluating Software

The time has come Your team is growing, your workload is increasing, and making optimal use of every resource is becoming more important. Your post-it papier-mache has moved from monitor, to desk, to now nearly a wallpaper for your office. You know you need a project management software, but evaluating the options is another project…
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Managing Multiple Projects in

Learn how Ability Ops organizes workspaces using SSoT and live connections for simultaneous management of multiple projects

Who Needs a Seat?

You’ve chosen as your tool, you’re getting ready to make the purchase, but how many seats do you really need to buy? Understanding the different user classifications in monday, and therefore who does and who does not require a purchased seat, is one of the first steps of launching monday within your organization. Below…
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Professional Services and Consultations

Twirling Plates and Herding Cats Whatever your field, you likely have to maintain expertise in a number of different areas and technologies, keep an eye out for new ones, and adapt your team and tools to an ever-changing environment. It’s easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle that you lose…
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Contextual Communication is Key

Arrive. Say good mornings. 20 unread emails. Click. Read. Tell yourself the comforting lie that you’ll remember to come back to it later. More emails arrive. Forget. According to a massive study by McKinsey, the average worker spends 28% of their work week fielding emails and are, on average, distracted from work by an email every…
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Time Tracking and the Workload Widget

It’s a new year, where did the time go? With such a milestone for the passage of time it makes sense to reflect on how you’ve used your time, and how you’d like to use it in the future. Your team and your organization can benefit from the same reflection and planning. This is where…
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Why Monday for Work and Process Management?

Don’t confuse being busy with being productive. It seems like the list of tasks we’re required to complete through the day is constantly added to, but rarely are any tasks removed. What in your day feels repetitive, tedious, or inefficient? The platform can address those things and become the core system from which you…
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