A Tool for Evaluating Software

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A Tool for Evaluating Software

The time has come

Your team is growing, your workload is increasing, and making optimal use of every resource is becoming more important. Your post-it papier-mache has moved from monitor, to desk, to now nearly a wallpaper for your office. You know you need a project management software, but evaluating the options is another project in itself!

Try it out!

Monday.com has a free no-credit-card-required 2-week trial, which we at Ability Ops can extend if you need more time. Signing up using only your email address, you can have a fully-enabled account. Since evaluating software is frequently a first step from potential customers we meet, we went ahead and made a template for exactly that purpose.

The board

We’ve included some of the most common criteria for evaluating software, but you can edit this board as much as you’d like to fit your exact parameters. You can always export the data you enter in this board to excel if you need to present it to a director in spreadsheet form—or you can just share the page link with them and they can view it right in monday.

Ability Ops is here to help

If you’d like to give it a try, reach out to us at contact@abilityops.com or you can sign up a trial account using this link. This will associate your account with Ability Ops, and enable us to upload this template for your use.

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