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Mirroring and Multi-Board Mirroring on

Having a single source of truth in your workflow is paramount to being efficient and accurate. But there may be situations where we need to see that information in multiple boards. Rather than having to enter it twice (cringe!) or set up a cross board automation (inefficient) has the “Mirror” column. A mirror column…
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Q4-2022 Roadmap for

We just attended the Q4 roadmap seminar and there is cause for excitement. We can’t share all of the secrets but new automation conditions, a visual automation builder, two-way sync with Jira, and a bundle of other new features and capabilities will soon be yours to use. Monday is also expanding their pre-built/template work…
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Why Monday for Work and Process Management?

Don’t confuse being busy with being productive. It seems like the list of tasks we’re required to complete through the day is constantly added to, but rarely are any tasks removed. What in your day feels repetitive, tedious, or inefficient? The platform can address those things and become the core system from which you…
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Dashboards for

The platform exists at a unique crossroads of capability and ease of use. Data can be entered, viewed, moved around, and altered with very little effort and zero programming knowledge. Once your boards and workflow progress through their ‘digital adolescence,’ growing into a more complex entity, it becomes less easy to view, process, or…
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